Top 24 English Football Grounds Advent Countdown 2018: 6th December

22 York (1)

Day 6 – Ground no. 19: Bootham Crescent, York City

Sadly doomed, Bootham Crescent have all the ingredients for a proper match day experience. A very short walk from the city centre along terraced streets – and there it is. The main stand is stunning with its red brick walls and wooden chalets. It has all the irregularities of a ground that has developed over more than 80 years. And the all too rare thrill of a standing terrace behind the goal. And all around the ground, you feel the presence of the town with its terraced housing.22 York (2)22 York (3)22 York (4)22 York (5)22 York (6)

19. Bootham Crescent, York City

20. Anfield Road, Liverpool F.C.

21. Elland Road, Leeds United

22. The County Ground, Swindon Town

23. St. Andrew’s, Birmingham City

24. St. James’ Park, Exeter City

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